143 | Episode 08 | Tamil School Love Web Series | Ajith Unique | Pranika | Thanganari

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Music Credits - Thanks For Amuku dumuku @funnuts youtube Channel
SkytoMax Studios
#143 #Thanganari #love #skytomax
Genre: Love/Comedy

Managing Director- PRAVIN KUMAR

Cast, Script, Screenplay & Direction: Ajith Unique

Cast : Pranikadhakshu

Music : sandy

& Mix : hainslorson

: Kiran Murali


EDITOR:Jane louis

Sound Mixing and Mastering: John Vimal

ADR | : Mahes Unique

Designing and VFX : Akilan

VFX Head : John William

Animation & Roto Team : Rhyaan | Hrithick Roshan

Production & Post Production

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SkytoMax Studios
Praveen Kumar. G
Skytomax Director
Mobile: +91 9600094900
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