AFC Playoff Picture: NFL Clinching Scenarios, Wild Card Race & Standings Entering Week 13 Of 2020

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The NFL Playoff Picture and AFC playoffs clinching scenarios! Which AFC teams are in the 2021 NFL playoffs entering Week 13 and which teams are leading their divisions and at the top of the Wild Card Race? Plus we’ve got the full breakdown of all the possible clinching scenarios for Week 13 of the 2020 NFL Season.

2020 NFL Playoff Picture for the NFC! Looking for the NFC Version? Go here:

NFL Clinching scenarios are focused on the Steelers and Chiefs this week. With just 5 games left to go in the NFL season, both teams can secure a playoff spot this week. And they don’t need much help to do it, either.

The AFC Playoff Picture underwent major changes as several seeds changed. The Steelers kept the top spot with a win over the Ravens, but the Chiefs aren’t far behind. But the Titans have jumped to the #3 seed this week.

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The AFC Wild Card (and somewhat the division race too) is going to be chaos. The Titans, Bills, Browns, Dolphins and Colts are all within a game of each other with at least 7 wins. And then there’s the Ravens and Raiders, just a game back at 6-5.

The updated 2020 AFC playoff picture is detailed below:
#1 Steelers (11-0)
#2 Chiefs (10-1)
#3 Titans (8-3)
#4 Bills (8-3)
#5 Browns (8-3)
#6 Dolphins (7-4)
#7 Colts (7-4)
---Teams in the Hunt---
Raiders (6-5)
Ravens (6-5)
Patriots (5-6)
Broncos (4-7)
Texans (4-7)
Chargers (3-8)
Bengals (2-8-1)
---Teams Eliminated---
Jaguars (1-10)
Jets (0-11)

NFL News also includes the games to watch in NFL Week 13. One of the top playoff-impacting matchups is Titans vs. Browns, since both of those teams are fighting for a wild card spot.

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