ANTI-GAY HATE TO BTS After SUGA SEEN KISSING a MAN in Pics, NEW Photos Posted by BigHit

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I wanted to talk about #BTS or bangtan sonyeondan boys. I wanted to get into the topic of people calling the boys gay online and what are people saying about them and some recent pics and videos that have come out. This is basically a part two of the video where Jimin gets called gay and I have a lot more thoughts on this as well. I also wanted to get into some new pics being posted and what is going on with this. So let me know your thoughts and drop it down below.

0:00 Table of contents
0:40The thing I need to get out of the way
1:01 The first thing I wanted to talk
5:05 a photo that made its rounds on
7:16 what BTS is upto
8:24 Actions to do next

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