BEST Animal Rush Songs ???? 30 min Compilation | How animals move | Dragon Dee Songs for Children

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How does a mole move? Are cheetahs faster than gazelles??
Hop hop! Stomp stomp!! ????
Let's learn how animals move through songs!

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0:06 Mo Mo Mo Moles
1:31 The Gorilla family is angry
3:13 Cheetah the fastest
4:29 Here comes a scary cat
5:56 Mo Mo Mo Moles
7:25 Peek-a-boo Chameleon
8:55 The song of Dolphins
10:47 Hippo Hippo Hop
12:22 Kangaroo Kan Kan Bus
13:55 Monkey-nana Banana
15:10 Horse, Tip, Tap, Toe!
16:30 Gazelle, Gotta Bounce
17:36 Bunny Runny Bun Bun
19:03 Elephant Family Run
20:43 Penguin Wibble Wobble
22:01 Ostrich, Fly or Run?
23:09 Animal Rush song

Dragon Dee will be meeting a new baby animal every week! ????
Let's sing and dance with Dragon Dee and
learn all about our favorite animals! ????

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