Billie Eilish My Future Video Cover - Awesome Video Effects

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Since Broadway Musicals closed their doors because of COVID-19 and everyone is staying at home and washing their hands I thought to bring some joy and entertainment to your homes!

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Here is a cover of "My future" slowed down by the amazing Billie Eilish! These lyrics that are slowed down have great meaning to them and I hope everyone listens to them and knows to love themselves before anyone else! I tried to make this rendition of "My Future" a cool music video that would add a little sparkle to the whole thing. This song is anything but sad, it's inspiring to hear an artist right about a love relationship with themselves.

Also, if you have any songs you would like us to turn into parodies please put them in the comments below. We love hearing from you guys.

I know these pandemic times are challenging and social distancing, hand washing, wearing a mask etc. is a real pain. Can’t wait to hug someone again:) but for now, everyone please #StayHome and have a and enjoy my Broadway parody songs and musical theater comedy skits.

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I going to keep making these music videos, skits and vlogs to keep your spirit smiling during this COVID 19 times.

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