BLOCK SQUAD MEETS THE BLOX BUDDIES (Minecraft and Roblox Animation)

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In this Minecraft Animation/Roblox Animation crossover, Stan, Chick, and Porkchop run into the Blox Buddies from the ArcadeBlox channel! The portal has led the Block Squad to a strange school where the evil Piggy is running rampant! Meanwhile, Stan and Oakley start their own side quest to join the the most popular girls in school - but will they be accepted? Does Piggy get the best of our fearless heroes? And how will the Block Squad make it back home??

Check out the ALTERNATE ENDING on ArcadeBlox:

Script: Nicole Mackie and Annie Krueger
Jonah Rashid
Austin Cook (@austinjaycook & )
Marianne Bray
Elsie Lovelock ()
Dianna Conley
James O'Byrne
Audio Mixing: James OByrne
Animation: 84 Animation Studio ()
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