BRUTAL DOOM v21 - AfterDoom, Icon Of Sin is Dead [100% SECRETS]

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BRUTAL DOOM v21 together with AfterDoom, level Icon Of Sin is Dead by 00_Zombie_00 on the Ultra-Violence difficulty level with 100% Secrets achieved and a beasty Ripper Chaingun. AfterDoom and its Icon Of Sin Is Dead level, present you the events after completing Doom II Hell On Earth and the destruction of this texture on wall. This map has over 300+ demons that can spawn during the normal gameplay on Ultra-Violence nothing really to be afraid of and performance is good. You begin at the roof of one of the buildings in a city, when you rush to the roof of smaller building just next to you, you will grab tons of health and super shotgun. All of the demons below are still idle, shoot once at them and you will wake up all of the enemies it includes tons of Zombies, Pinkies, Imps, Cacodemons and Hell Knights. Thankfully for player, all of the tougher monsters such as Cyberdemons, Revenants, Pain Elementals or Mancubi are not in open space, you will meet them multiple times though. For example one of the Cyberdemons is hidden behind a small room with blue key to be used, if you are not cautious this one might stomp and kill you instantly. It is good for you to grab as many secrets as possible (7 in total), it will give you an option to grab a Megasphere and tons of rockets for your Devastator or Rocket Launcher. As you can see I've also grabbed a beautiful and powerful brutalized RIPPER CHAINGUN from Duke Nukem 3D, this beauty chews 3 rounds per click but you do not need to worry about reloading! A very powerful and potent weapon of clearing small places full of weaker monsters such as Imps, to be honest you will also have not problems with headshots against Cyberdemons. The final boss here does not have an attack on his own, but it spawns DOZENS of monsters at the same time, can kill you with one stomp and s**tload of health points to take down.

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