BRUTAL DOOM v21 Dox Addon - The Unending [100% SECRETS]

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BRUTAL DOOM v21 together with Dox Personalized Addon and The Unending map by Remilia Scarlet on Ultra-Violence difficulty level, 100% Secrets achieved. The Unending created by Remilia Scarlet is a very interesting single map WAD where we wake up in Hellish nightmare related place, if you played Blood you might feel familiar with waking up from a grave. If you also see similarities with such map as Halls Of The Goat Child or Shadows Of The Nightmare Realm WAD, you are right because all of these were released earlier by Remilia Scarlet, very similar maps to play. Like in the earlier mentioned WADs, there are also custom monsters placed (these are not a part of Brutal Doom) from Quake such as Scrags that spit slow homing projectiles from a distance, hovering slowly in various places. You will also notice some Quake-themed textures and designs in The Unending, in few places there are some Quake logos placed and the map itself has lots of Quake vibes when we had to venture through castles with demonic Knights. We begin waking up from a grave, there will be a shotgun in front of you together with some shells to grab - in the front of you on the balcony, you will see a blue skull key to grab, but the way there is a little bit complicated. Eliminate two shotgunners near the entrance to the building and go inside, there will bew Imps and Shotgunners together with Lost Souls waiting for, it's also the first time you will meet Scrags here, low speed hovering annoying demons. Grab the Backpack in the middle of them room and then get a green Security Armor, this will be your protection for quite a time, then move downstairs and clear the rooms from monsters, even Hell Knights and Cacodemons will begin to appear. Eventually you will find yourself in a quite large room with two skull switches to left and right and Rocket Launcher behind a bars, as you may feel, this place will turn into a trap with more and monsters spawning there. When an Arch-Vile arrives to the party, make him of course your first target because there is a plenty of place to strike you, thankfully some monsters nearby will also target him by mistake, leave the room and head upstairs. From there you will have to reach a blue skull key and then move downstairs to find a red skull key in the basement, since then move to the red doors and reach an exit, to end this nightmarish

Secret - 11:25

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