'Civil war could break out' if US vote irregularities aren't examined

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The Institute of Public Affairs’ Gideon Rozner says if the hundreds of allegations of irregularities in the voting process are not examined, it will lead to the death of democracy, may plunge the country into civil war, and will irreversibly damage America.

“Literally hundreds of allegations of irregularities have been made since election night, some of them are less serious, but some of them are extremely serious,” Mr Rozner told Sky News host Gary Hardgrave.

“If they’re not examined, probably by the Supreme Court, I think that’s the only avenue left, then this will lead to the death of democracy, it could possibly plunge the country into a new civil war, and it will irreversibly damage Australia’s most important trading partner, but most importantly, it’s most important military alliance.

“Any Australian hooting and hollering and not taking this seriously, cheering on that the ‘orange man’ is going, needs to take a good hard look at themselves about what this means for Australia and the future of the free world.”
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