Critical Race TYRANNY: The Great Reset of Education | Glenn TV | Ep 100

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A virus has escaped the university labs and is superspreading through our culture. It's called critical race THEORY, and what used to be a fringe topic in the academic world is now a dangerous Marxist REALITY infecting our public schools, where students are taught that the is a “parasitic system” based on the “invasion” of “white male settlers.” Glenn exposes how some teachers are being instructed to “cash in on kids’ inherent empathy” in order to train them to become “activist intellectuals,” starting as early as first grade. CRT is an absolute toxin to America, and Glenn warns that in just one generation, the Constitution, freedom, and true equality will be totally destroyed. Yet any opposition to the spread of this disease is shouted down as racism and bigotry. If critical race theory is not already in your local school curriculum, it will be soon. Joined by Asra Nomani, vice president for strategy and investigations at Parents Defending Education, Glenn arms you with the facts about CRT so you can stand up to this tyranny in your community.

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