DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods 2 - Mission 4 - 100% Walkthrough - All Codex, Upgrades, & Extra Lives

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DOOM Eternal Ancient Gods 2 DLC - Mission 4: The Dark Lord Final Boss Strategy - 100% Walkthrough - All Codex Pages, Hammer Upgrades, Extra Lives, BFG Ammo, and Escalation Encounters

There are no collectibles to grab during this fight.

New mechanics introduced include the Meat Hook Grapple Point, the Armored Baron (enemy), Stone Imp (enemy), and Cursed Prowler.

DOOM Eternal 100% Walkthrough Playlist:


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This walkthrough contains progress of the Ancient Gods 1 DLC story achievements/trophies, as well as the following:
- Crystal Spelunker - Complete World Spear (Ancient Gods 2)
- Cross the Threshold - Complete Reclaimed Earth (Ancient Gods 2)
- Siege the Day - Complete Immora (Ancient Gods 2)
- Tougher Than Nails - Acquire all Sentinel Hammer upgrades (Ancient Gods 2)
- Rest Your Weary Fists - Kill the Dark Lord (Ancient Gods 2)
- Live Die Reload - Complete Extra Life Mode with 5 Extra Lives in your Inventory (Ancient Gods 2)
- Critical Literature - Collect all physical Codex pages in a single save slot (Ancient Gods 2)

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