DOOM Eternal NEW Master Level! Is it Worth Playing? BUGS? [Super Gore Nest!]

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DOOM Eternal Super Gore Nest Master Level is OUT, and it is WILD! The new CLASSIC MODE is out as well, It's the toughest Master Level to date, and it has new tricks and traps for you. From harder double marauders in slime, an arena with 4 tyrants and 3 archviles, and much more, it's crazy!
I beat it on Ultra-Nightmare, and then Classic Mode. This is my review to let you know what I thought, and if it's worth it. There are good and bad points in the new Super Gore Nest Master Level, and I'll break them all down here! Should you play it now, or wait?

JUST A NOTE - I hope I don't sound overly critical. I enjoyed the experience. There's just a few things I'd change, is all. And the bugs, which will be fixed I'm sure. Hugo, Marty, Id - I wanna play more! :D

0:00 Is this the hardest master level?
0:45 Is classic mode cool?
1:15 How does this level push you?
2:43 What did I like and dislike?
4:10 What you need
5:08 Is it too hard?
6:15 The ultimate swimming section
6:54 Bugs!
7:37 Is it worth it?
8:02 When I hit the FUN ZONE!
8:32 What should be in the next master levels?

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