Doom Eternal - Super Gore Nest Master Level - Classic Mode Weapon and Mod Locations

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Here is a video detailing all weapon and weapon mod locations for the Super Gore Nest Master Level. Skip to a section of the video for any weapon or mod you might have missed. Weapons that were close together were left in the same section.

0:00 Sticky Bombs
0:22 Heavy Rifle and Precision Bolt
0:50 Rocket Launcher
1:04 BFG
1:45 Micro Missiles
2:06 Full Auto
2:28 Lock-On Burst
2:55 Super Shotgun
3:18 Plasma Rifle
3:31 Remote Detonation
3:49 Crucible
4:13 Microwave Beam
4:29 Chaingun
4:46 Mobile Turret and Heat Blast
5:26 Energy Shield
5:40 Ballista
6:01 Destroyer Blade and Arbalest

Credits to Doomguy46 for the thumbnail!

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