Doom Eternal - TAG2 Unbalanced Randomizer mod | Ultra-Nightmare

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After 340+ hours on this game, finally did something I'm very proud of. I used to be really bad at this game, can hopefully say I'm not. May not be speed runner level or pro player Sylar/Lightningbreak, but am happy of this run. May do it again someday!

I didn't cut anything out from the livestream when I did this, but at least my BRB was quick. I also put some fails and some more Lightningbreak FUN room practice at the end since, I tend to die there a lot xd

0:00 - World Spear
31:18 - Reclaimed Earth
1:03:52 - Immora
1:26:31 - The Dark Lord
1:36:24 - Couple of Fails
1:40:31 - More LB room practice

Sylar Channel -
Lightningbreak Channel -
Proteh's Unbalanced Randomizer mod -

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