Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods - Part Two - 100% Ultra-Nightmare [No HUD]

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I didn't use the hammer much in my previous video because you always want to save the super weapon for tough situations, so like the BFG it wasn't very frequently used. I have to admit I wasn't paying any attention to what the hammer actually does in my first playthrough, so when I heard that it recharges by simply destroying 2 weak points I had to test it out. So I tried to use it as much as possible here.

The World Spear (First Level): 0:16
Escalation Encounter 1: 16:30
Reclaimed Earth (Second Level): 25:13
Escalation Encounter 2: 30:00
Immora (Third Level): 43:08
Escalation Encounter 3: 44:00
Final Boss: 1:00:08

100% = doing the optional second phase escalation encounters and grabbing a couple of codexes. No monitor crosshair used, even though my aim somehow seemed to be better than in my previous playthrough.

Had 2 close calls here, the first at the purple slime fountain, would be nice if I knew where the mancubus + screecher were going to jump in so I could avoid being on top of them all of the sudden. The second escalation encounter apparently nearly managed to kill me as well.

Also I have to say, the sound effects when the various equipment is available are just the best, honestly besides a few points I'm not even at a disadvantage. Still haven't quite got the hang of the different grenade switch sounds, I'm just never certain about which sound is which when I only use it once, only if I spam it do I know the difference.

My proudest moment was landing all 4 headshots on the blood makyrs at 22:45 without a crosshair and without missing once, and the one where I killed one through a tyrant corpse at 56:25

I can understand why some find the final boss a bit annoying, at least during the 3rd and final phase. Even though I felt like I knew exactly what to do it just takes too much time before he spawns the dogs, then he can follow up with the demon spawns in which case you should use the hammer and wait for the dogs again (edit: actually you just need to glory kill 2 zombies instead of waiting for the dogs, this fight is ok once you know that, heh). It also seems nearly impossible to die if you just circle around killing zombies for armor.

After playing through it twice I really enjoyed it, sure, it's a bit easy, but if you make it as hard as plutonia on nightmare then I'll be the only one that still enjoys it :)

Finally, I'm really afraid of the cursed prowlers, because I still haven't got hit by one and I don't know what it does, but it sounded pretty bad from the description.

Cutscenes and codexes text can be found in my previous upload/first playthrough found here:

Thanks for watching.
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