DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods Part Two - Walkthrough (100%) - Part 1 - "The World Spear"

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DOOM Eternal
The Ancient Gods Part Two - Part 1
With Commentary
PC Gameplay
1440p 60 FPS

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DOOM Eternal - The Ancient Gods Playlist

About The Game:

Doom Eternal is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the fifth main game in the Doom series and a direct sequel to 2016's Doom, and was released on March 20, 2020, for Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch version planned for a release at a later date.

Two years after the events of 2016's Doom, Earth has been overrun by demonic forces. The Doom Slayer, having previously been teleported to an unknown location, returns to Earth with a new arsenal of weapons to save the human race from annihilation.

The Ancient Gods: Part One continues the story shortly after the events of the main campaign. Although the Doom Slayer was able to save Earth from the demonic invasion, his victory did not come without cost. Hell's invasion of Urdak has caused an imbalance of power that requires the true ruler of the universe to set things right. The Doom Slayer is recruited to help retake Urdak from demon control. The Ancient Gods is a standalone expansion, not requiring the base game to play.

On March 7, 2021, it was announced that a teaser trailer for the Ancient Gods: Part Two DLC would be released on March 15. The teaser in turn, announced a full trailer for release two days later on the 17th, Announcing the expansion's release on the 18th.

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