Doom Hunter Based by Zandy - Nightmare, Deathless, No Supers

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Fun level overall, even though I would change a couple of things - especially in the meat hook arena. I also don't understand why in the final arena there's a jump pad which does basically nothing for you, maybe some sort of bug because I don't remember it being that way.
I got a couple of frame drops during the recording, you can see that even I noticed them while I was freaking heat
Key binds:

Combat Shotgun = TAB
Heavy Cannon = q
Plasma Rifle = 3
Rocket Launcher = f
Super Shotgun = r
Ballista = e
Chaingun = 1
BFG = 4
Crucible/Sentinel Hammer = v
Grenade Swap = Cltr
Mod Swap = CAPS/x
Dash = Shift
Chainsaw = c
Weapon Wheel = Mouse 3
Grenade Launcher = Mouse 4
Flame Belch = Alt
Melee = Scroll up/Mouse 5
Jump = Scroll down/Space bar
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