Doom II - Map18: The Courtyard - UV-Speed in 12 seconds

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Runner: Zero-Master
Date: 2020-12-02
Category: UV-Speed
Map: 18 (The Courtyard)
Sourceport: Crispy Doom
Time: 0

A new trick and the record of this level is brought down from 21 seconds to 12 seconds.

I believe this is the first time doomguy has ever ran through a closed door. This is essentially the same thing as a standard void glide, except instead of a wall with 0 thickness there's an 8 unit thick door. For a void glide to work you need to move at least 32 units per tic as doomguy is 32x32 units, so in this case you need to move at least 40 units per tic. There is also a 30 unit per tic speed limit where one can only go above that for a single tic before it is brought back down to 30, so I would need a really big increase in my momentum (only 2 units per tic for a wall, need 10 for this door!) in a single tic in order for this to work. Because of the particular angle between the door and the wall it's possible to get larger boosts in momentum. This kind of geometry is unlikely to be found anywhere else, so at least for doom, doom2 and final doom this is probably the only place where this is both possible and useful.

More technical details can be found in the doom movement bible by linguica, under the section void glide, found here:

This took surprisingly few attempts to do, I don't think it works by having the imp on the right side of the door instead of the left, which would be faster, but I'm not sure. Even faster would of course be to use the zombieguy, but he moves around too quickly. I also did put some effort into attempting to get through without a monster, but no success as of yet, though there might be some potential for nomo working out somehow.

Too difficult to perform in a full run though, could be worth it if you're too far behind record pace perhaps.
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