Dragon City: Double Flame Dragon | NEW League Battle 400 [MAX LEVEL] ????

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∎ Dragon City: Double Flame Dragon | NEW League Battle 400 [MAX LEVEL] ????
The Double Flame Dragon vs Double Terra Dragon in the League Battle 400 with Random LEGENDARY DRAGON in Dragon City!

Double Flame Dragon evolve to their young stage at level 10 and become adults at level 20. If you can't take the heat, stay away from the Double Flame Dragon! This temperamental creature is easily set off but calms down just as fast. And he always feels deep remorse for the things he burned. Well, this is his new look. He has changed a lot and grown stronger, and now he likes to go by the name of Double Flame Dragon in Dragon City!

How to Breeding Double Flame Dragon in Dragon City? ????
Double Flame Dragon is not Currently Breedable. Sorry.

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