EXCLUSIVE: Deputies crack down on street racing in San Antonio

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Street racing is leading to deadly consequences on San Antonio streets. Fox San Antonio investigates what new tactics law enforcement are using to put the brakes on the lawless behavior.

It happens at night, in empty parking lots, in the middle of busy highways and in broad daylight as you are about to see in this exclusive Fox San Antonio video.

“You are getting two citations today for going 100 on a 70 and unsafe speeds,” said Deputy Joe Aguillon of the Bexar County Sheriff's Office after pulling over two suspected street racers along Highway 151.

“At those speeds you are going to kill yourself or kill someone else. You are 17 years old, you don’t need to do that. Especially coming into the holidays. You kill yourself, you put your family into this trauma ok, slow down. You are way too young. You have a whole lot to live for, slow down," said Aguillon.

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