FINALLY!! Second STIMULUS CHECKS From Biden! Second Stimulus Check Update | UNEXPECTED CALL TO PASS!

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This is your Second Stimulus Check update, stimulus package update, and stimulus check 2 update as of Tuesday, November 17th for the new stimulus bill. This video covers the second stimulus package, the stimulus update, the new stimulus package, the economy, and the stock market, and the contested election. ✅Join The Power Of Finance Investor Group:

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President-elect Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris warned yesterday on Monday of a “very dark winter” ahead and called on Congress to pass a large economic stimulus package immediately to help workers, businesses, and state and local governments struggling to cope with the virus pandemic.’ Mr. Biden gave his first major policy speech since he won the election after participating in a virtual meeting with business and union leaders, including the chief executives of General Motors, Microsoft, Target and the Gap and the head of the United Auto Workers. In this meeting they discussed how to safely reopen the American economy when virus cases continue to surge across the nation, prompting renewed lockdowns. Biden hinted that more lockdowns could be in our future, even as many businesses continue to struggle with reduced activity and are eager to bring workers — and customers — back and unions continue to insist that corporations don’t needlessly expose workers to risk.

President-elect Joe Biden is pressing Congress to fast-track another coronavirus stimulus package after a months-long standoff between House Democrats and Senate Republicans. Biden told reporters Monday that “Right now, Congress should come together and pass the stimulus relief package.” He said that “There's so much we can do, but the only way we do any of this is we work together." After a meeting with the labor and business leaders in Delaware on Monday, Biden said he will support the HEROES Act or something that resembles it to help the economy as virus cases continue to surge throughout the country. He said that this plan “has all the money and capacity to take care of each of those things now—not tomorrow—now.” It includes a $1200 stimulus check to the same people who received it in the first round and it also reinstates the $600/week boosted unemployment benefits. The Democrat-controlled House passed the $ trillion next-phase stimulus, dubbed the HEROES Act, in May, but the Senate hasn't taken it up for a vote. GOP leaders in the upper chamber say the Democratic plan is too expensive and they prefer a smaller, more targeted package

In his meeting yesterday Joe Biden explained that Trump has blocked the traditional transition process that takes place between administrations. And the lack of coordination has extended to the nation's plans for addressing the virus pandemic and distributing a vaccine when it's approved. Bottom line is that Joe Biden warned that “more people may die if we don't coordinate with the Trump admonition for the traditional transition process between presidencies.” He said that “I’m hopeful that the president will be more enlightened before we get to January 20” so they can start getting relief passed sooner but “the idea that [Trump] is still playing golf and not doing anything about it is beyond his comprehension”

In addition to the Heroes act, Biden said he plans to work a national virus response strategy that would include mask mandates, increased testing, free distribution of a vaccine for 350 million people and ramped-up production of personalized protective equipment and other necessary items. He said that “we are going in a very dark winter," Biden said. "It's gonna be difficult but it can be done."

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