Heat Blast close range combos against Super Heavy Demons

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So, this is a very quick video I decided to make while I was working on some heat blast combos I'm planning to put together in a future guide. That guide will mostly cover sticky/rockets combo and will also be pretty much useless for everyone given the absolute craziness of the combos discussed.
On the other hand the strats I'm showing here are relatively easy to learn and also very good in my opinion, so I figured they deserved to be treated separately.
As I say at the end of the video, if you already know the spawns of a level in many situations you can easily plan ahead and start the fight with an heat blast pipe charged. During an ssg+pb combo, where the ssg is basically doing all the heavy lifting, you're trading 100 (200 if headshot) damage for AOE damage and a very strong hard falter. Not too bad.
Here I only focused on Tyrants, Barons and Archviles but you probably could use this on Cybermancubi and Pain Elementals as well. There are simply better ways to deal with them, so I didn't care too much.
Music is from the Ancient Gods part 1 soundtrack: The Holt by Andrew Hulshult.
Key binds:

Shotgun = TAB
Heavy Cannon = q
Plasma Rifle = 3/CAPS LOCK
Rocket Launcher = f
Super Shotgun = r
Ballista = e
Chaingun = 1
BFG = 4
Crucible/Sentinel Hammer = v
Grenade Swap = Cltr
Mod Swap = x
Dash = Shift
Chainsaw = c
Weapon Wheel = Mouse 3
Grenade Launcher = Mouse 4
Flame Belch = Mouse 5
Melee = Scroll up/Alt
Jump = Scroll down/Space
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