Hot Topic: Anatomy of a Proscenium Arch Theatre // Stage Directions // Fly Tower // Wings and more!

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In this video - Theatre Beard explores various different parts of a Proscenium Arch Theatre, and explains stage directions.

Feel free to watch the whole video, or use the time stamps below to jump to a section.

0:35 - Let’s begin
1:35 - Proscenium Arch
2:00 - Stage Directions
5:30 - The Apron
6:15 - The Wings
6:40 - The Fly Tower
7:10 - Legs and Tabs
7:50 - Borders and Portals
8:30 - Blinder, Star Cloth, Cyclorama
9:30 - Backdrop, Cut Cloth and Gauze
10:50 - The Revolve and House Tabs

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