Hypixel SkyBlock Hardcore [52] The dragon bow?

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Idk I've heard conflicting arguments for and against the runaans bow for use in either way I own one now lol. Enjoy!

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Hardcore "Ironman" Profile Rules:
(zero interaction with other players):
- player drops off
- no trades
- no auctions
- no bazaar
- no splashes (use milk if splashed potions help with your current situation. As splashes are out of my control, if a troll splashes just after I drink my pots I won't void the effects so long as they don't substantially effect gameplay)
- always nicked with nickhider
- can only give gifts, not receive.
- can only queue dungeons using the party finder feature.
- no organized dragon parties. Leeching and placing a portion of eyes is allowed but only if you didn't organize the party or are involved with the person who did organize it.
- no buying gems or using cookies / bits.

(no deaths) but with exceptions:
- death by a glitch or trolling doesn't count.
- fire trial failures are not deaths.
- dying with remnants and saving grace doesn’t count, even if the death counter rises.
- dying in dungeons doesn’t count (you don't lose coins or pots, and are automatically revived, this is hardly a "death").
UPDATE: To make dungeons fair with the no death loophole, I am only allowed 3 death runs per day. If I don't die on a dungeons run, that run is "free". If I die in 3 separate runs that's it for the day.
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