I reverse-engineered Mick Gordon's Doom Eternal OST design process, kindof

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00:00 Intro
01:30 Research
03:56 Experimenting
06:04 Final Product
10:48 Genre?

aka - geoff plays guitar

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Dear Mick Gordon,
If you see this video, I want to apologize for leaning into a stereotype of you as a one-trick producer who puts angry 8 string guitars into every track and has a collection of chainsaws hanging up in their living room. In fact, the amount that I've learned about production and sound design from making just four videos in the style of Doom has been astounding. Most of that learning came from your videos, social media, and past work. So, thanks for paving the way for the little guys like me to try moving in exciting new creative directions. Anyway, this is is a video about more of that kind of learning where I analyze something to the point that it's creepy.
Geoffrey Day

"Outlander" is inspired by Mick Gordon's work on Doom and Doom Eternal. It has no affiliation with id Software, Bethesda, or the Doom franchise.

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