I Tried Finishing the S Maps. I Failed. Maximum Doom: The Completionist Project Walkthrough Part 106

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Kes Gaming is pleased to announce:

"Maximum Doom: The Completionist Project!"

In this series, which has never been done before on YouTube, we are going to be playing through every single level, map, and WAD in the now infamous "Maximum Doom" collection by Software.

Episodes of the series will be livestreamed as well as pre-recorded, as we do our best to complete the entire game and ultimately Rise to the Top!

I am working to bring entertaining YouTube content, and am trying to get the point where I can push out content on a full time basis. Your support keeps me going, and is very much appreciated.

We've created a channel membership program named Tea Squad +! The program offers great perks for becoming a member including getting to join in multiplayer gameplay during streams, access to members-only poll about upcoming productions, and much more.

Join Today!

Tea Squad +

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Here is a link to my list of all the games that will be featured in upcoming completionist-themed walkthrough series on the channel, as a part of our Rise to the Top style content!

(fair warning, the list is 64 pages long at the time of this writing)

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