Il Vento / Atmospheric Relaxing Piano Improvisation (Scarbee Classic EP88s/Native Instruments Noire)

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For this month video I took an old Rhodes #improvisation and I quickly tried to give some more color to it adding more keys stuff. The result should be an atmospheric track which can help you thinking of the past or the future, leaving the present for a moment.

The main theme is inspired by Cesare Cremonini's "La Macchina del Tempo". He's a great italian artist in my opinion.

In this period I am really into this kind of ambient or atmospheric music and I am taking advantage of this to experiment with some keys stuff I started using. You can use this also to understand if you like or don't like #Scarbee Ep 88s or Noire from #NativeInstruments. Just in case you would like to hear more about these VSTs let me know! I will gladly do some more demonstrations of them.

It makes you think about the past or the future? Let me know in the comments, if you like. Let's talk!
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