International Update

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Last 7 days

Cases, + 53,463 = 29,490,832

Deaths, 1,049 = 563,734

Daily trends


100 million doses in first 58 days


Administered, 115,730,008

At least one dose, 75,495,716 ()

Two doses, 40,981,464 ()

Mr. Biden, all 18 and older, eligible to receive doses by May 1

US to supply Mexico and Canada

Mexico, million doses

Canada, million doses

AZ vaccines today


Sir Simon Stevens, (54) head of NHS, yesterday, delighted

Jean Castex, French PM

Slovenia PM

Emer Cooke, European Medicines Agency executive director


France, only in over 55s


Spain, next Wednesday




Netherlands, resume next week

110,000 doses have been missed because of one-week break

Denmark, decides today

Sweden, Norway not yet decided


Jens Spahn, (Health minister)

Insufficient vaccine doses in Europe to prevent a third wave

Cases, + 17,482

The rise in the number of cases could mean that we can’t announce further steps towards reopening in the coming weeks, quite the opposite, we may have to go backwards

Lars Schaade, Robert Koch Institute

Cases are rising exponentially

Urged people not to travel during Easter

Holding a vaccine summit to get family doctors involved from next month


Cases, + 35,000

UK, VOC driven

Prime Minister Jean Castex

third wave looking increasingly likely

Paris, 1,200 people in intensive care

Nationwide curfew, from 19:00

Twenty-one million people in 16 areas of France, new restrictions

Limited four-week lockdown tonight

Forms to fill out

Prof Neil Ferguson

more concern for the UK, South Africa variant, 5 to 10% of cases

that is the variant we really do want to keep out of the UK, vaccine implications

The longer the UK can keep it out the more time we have to vaccinate the whole adult population and to update vaccines to be able to cope with that variant


Increasing cases

Approved Sputnik V Covid-19 for emergency use


Population 1,380,000,000

Cases, + 39,726 = 11,510,000

Highest for 3 months

VOCs from United Kingdom, Brazil, and South Africa, 158 out of 400

Western industrialised Maharashtra, fresh restrictions

Deaths, + 154 = 159,370

September, Covid-19 positive Indians turned away from hospitals

Reduced AZ from India to UK

US restricts some exports

US, defence procurement, national emergency regulation

Serum Institute runs out of some components

UK gets 5 million fewer doses

Sharing of technology for sub-component production

Indian government is temporarily holding exports

5 million doses delivered in March

5 million more pledged doses, when Indian government allows

Papua New Guinea

Population, 9 million

Patients being turned away from overrun hospitals

Tightening internal border controls

Restrict personal movement

No mass gatherings

Closing schools

Enforce mask wearing in public

May order burials in a designated mass grave

PNG has recorded a spike in cases in recent weeks, with hundreds of new daily cases.

Awaiting AstraZeneca vaccine


Population, 11 million

Cases + 750

Approved a second vaccine candidate for stage 3 clinical trials, Abdala, n = 48,000

Soberana (Sovereignty) 2 already in trial, Cuba and Iran, ending July

Has considerable vaccine experience

Both target spike protein

No CoViD vaccines given so far
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