Jazz Piano by a Musical Savant (Derek Plays 'Honeysuckle Rose')

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Originally recorded in 2016, here is Derek's blazing fast take on 'Honeysuckle Rose', a well known standard composed by Fats Waller.

Derek Paravicini is a musical savant. A world-renowned pianist with a genius for improvisation, Derek's talent developed alongside blindness, severe autism and learning difficulties. Combining the gift of perfect pitch with his incredible musical memory and his amazing talent for musical interpretation, Derek can play almost any piece by ear in any key or style. He's well known for his creative and unique improvisations and with musical influences ranging from Bach and Chopin to George Shearing and Keith Jarrett, from Bill Evans and Fats Waller to Oscar Peterson and Art Tatum, you're guaranteed to never hear him play the same piece in the same way twice.

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- The Amber Trust, of which Derek is a patron, is a charity that provides visually impaired children with the chance to engage with music.

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