Joe Biden declares ‘clear victory’ after tight US 2020 presidential race

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Joe Biden has become the 46th US president-elect after projections show he has earned more than 270 Electoral College votes — enough to beat incumbent Donald Trump in the 2020 US elections. The victory for Biden and his vice-presidential running mate, Kamala Harris, became apparent on November 7 after several days and nights of ups and downs for their campaign.

On election night November 3, inconclusive results showed Trump initially ahead in several key battleground states including Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Arizona. But as ballots were counted in the days that followed, Biden chipped away at Trump’s leads. Media outlets eventually projected Biden and Harris to flip Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia, wins that would send them to the White House.

Biden also won the popular vote, with more overall votes than any other candidate in US history. Under the US Electoral College system, however, the presidency is awarded based on wins in each state. The electoral race was much closer, with Biden only projected to be the winner after he had secured the US state of Pennsylvania to put him above 270 electoral votes. Biden has a total of 284 electoral votes so far, compared with 214 for Trump, according to the Associated Press.

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