Miss Julie by August Strindberg: UB Theatre Performance MA Thesis Project, Yoonie Yun - Spring 2021

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Title: Miss Julie
Playwright: August Strindberg
Director: Yoonie Yun
Actors: Mary DiCanio, Kyle Primack, Julia Witt

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Technical Credits
Video Design: YIV
3D Animation: EnmetDesign

This is Yoonie Yun's thesis project, who is a second year MA candidate in Theatre and Performance at UB. Her main inquiry of this project is 'Directing in the Cyborg Theatre World' which is aiming to explore the idea of Multimedia theatre in the Virtual world. Let’s explore how August’s naturalistic play Miss Julie could be ‘actual’ in the 'virtual' world.

Yoonie Yun is a New York and Seoul based theatre-maker. She has been a theatre practitioner, and most of her background is based on directing, stage management, and lighting design. Now she is in the final semester of her MA in theatre and performance at the University at Buffalo. She is also a CEO and resident director of a laboratory theatre troupe ‘Down-In theatre’.

This theatre piece uses these sounds from freesound:
“A Collection of Folk (2).mp3” by TitusL108 () licensed under CCBYNC
“A Collection of Folk (3).mp3” by TitusL108 () licensed under CCBYNC
“” by petrsvar () licensed under CC0
“Thumping/walking from upstairs by wlabarron () licensed under CC0
“” by ReadeOnly () licensed under CC0
“Phone ” by Ferrettomato () licensed under CC0
“” by brfindla () licensed by CC0
“creaking ” by suhral () licensed by CCBY hat I used in the video. We also can add this in the description so that we can prevent any copyright issue.
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