My Future | Billie Eilish | Scary Pockets ft. Joanna Jones

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Ok, here’s the deal: we buy a lot of our gear from It turns out that they have an affiliate program - every time someone clicks on the link below and buys something, Scary Pockets actually gets paid a small affiliate fee. So we hope that the gear list below not only gives you a sense of the equipment we use to make music, but that it actually helps Scary Pockets build a sustainable business as well. That said, ENJOY:

Drums: 60s Ludwig 22”
Bass: 1972 Fender Precision Bass (Burst)
Keys: Wurlitzer A200, Juno160
Guitar: 1964 Epiphone Olympic

Amps: 1960’s Kalamazoo Two, 1957 Fender Tremolux, Aguilar AG 500

Mics: Kick: D12/JZv11, Snr: PR40, SnrBtm: 57, Hat: KM84, OH: Coles 4038, Bass KU4, GTR 57/m160/ksm32/n22, Vox: C37a, EV636

Pres: Electrodyne 501 (Kick, snr, snr btm, hat, bass, wurly, juno) AEA rpq (OH), Trident (guitar), 1073(VOX), Lachapelle (VOX)

Compressors: DBX160 (kick, bass), Little Devil (keys), Distressor (Vox)

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A cover of "My Future" by Scary Pockets.

Lead vocal: Joanna Jones
Drums: Rob Humphreys
Bass: Joe Ayoub
Keys: Jack Conte
Guitar: Ryan Lerman
Synths, Guitar: Brian Green

Recording Engineer: Chris Sorem
Mixing/Mastering: Caleb Parker
Audio Producer: Brian Green
Cinematography: Merlin Showalter
Video Editor: Adam Kritzberg
Video Producer: Mark Golembeski
Director: Mike Dempsey

Recorded Live at Nest Recorders in Los Angeles, CA.

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