NEW Roblox Piggy Maple Donut Secret Hideout - Zizzy and Pony Fight TSP In Book 2 Chapter 4 Animation

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In the last Roblox Piggy cutscene animations, Willow asked Zizzy where to find the Maple Donut's Hideout to uncover its secrets. Zizzy battled Willow to save her friends from The Silver Paw (TSP), but Willow got the best of Zizzy. It looked like Zizzy was doomed, but Pony came to her rescue! Now, Zizzy and Pony have to battle the TSP together! In case you didn't know, Minitoon has added a new Secret Badge to Roblox Piggy, with the description "You have discovered the Maple Donut's hideout!". So far, nobody has figured out how to unlock the badge in Roblox Piggy. What do you think think happens next? Let me know in the comments and Subscribe if you'd like to see the next part!

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