NEW UPDATE Unemployment Extension $300 weekly FPUC PUA & Unemployment Benefits Stimulus

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NEW UPDATE Unemployment Extension $300 weekly FPUC PUA & Unemployment Benefits Stimulus

Here’s your unemployment update for Saturday, April 3rd, 2021

Massachusetts announced Friday a major expansion in their rental assistance program.

More than $400 million will now be used for rental assistance for some of the lowest-income residents in the state.

It will also help residents that owe back rent by offering long-term assistance and forgiving some of their past debt.

Governor Baker said this plan is a huge win for both tenants and landlords in crisis to keep more families safely housed.

Meanwhile, Biden’s economic advisor, Heather Boushey, pointed to the American Rescue Plan as part of the reason for the drastic surge in added jobs.

Boushey said focusing on vaccine distribution and providing Americans with additional income in the form of stimulus checks were confidence boosters for the economy.

She stated, “We don’t want to make too much of nay one-month trend, but this is certainly a step in the right direction.”

Though the report blew expectations out of the water by roughly 300,000 jobs, data shows that recently hired Americans are earning less than those who were added to payrolls in previous months.
Boushey stated, “The wage numbers in recent months have been elevated because so many workers who were in those face-to-face jobs in retail or in the leisure and hospitality sectors that make less than average were out of work.”

She continued, “As we look at the American Jobs Plan, a core goal is to make sure that we’re not just creating jobs but that we're creating good jobs and we’re focused on making sure that there are jobs that can support a family."

And finally, Florida’s unemployment payments, among the lowest in the nation, would increase by up to $100 a week under a new proposal.

The proposal would lead to a range of unemployment benefits of $100 to $375 a week.

That would be up from the current range of $32 to $275 a week.

Sponsor Jason Brodeur, called his proposal a “good starting point” for talks while warning about further raising a tax that businesses pay to fund the unemployment system.

Bourdieu’s bill was amended by the Senate committee to reduce to three weeks a “work search” requirement that says people on unemployment must reach out to five prospective employers a week.

Senator Bobby Powell stated, “You know there’s a lot of room to take this further. And I just hope that once we get past this and we can fix Florida’s broken unemployment system.”

While the Senate committee approved the proposal, it still needs to get past the House.


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