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We're (hopefully) two weeks away from Nintendo's E3 2021 presentation, which means its time for our final speculation before the big event. Huber, Isla, and Matt Simmons of YoVideoGames each sit down with Damiani to share what they each hope Nintendo will bring to the table, as well as take a brief stroll down memory lane to recall some early E3 experiences.

00:00 - Opening
01:58 - Nintendo E3 2021 Speculation with Michael Huber
23:20 - E3 Memories with Michael Huber
36:41 - Nintendo E3 2021 Speculation with Matt Simmons of YoVideoGames
1:14:09 - E3 Memories with Matt Simmons of VoVideoGames
1:31:00 - Nintendo E3 2021 Speculation with Isla Hinck
1:55:47 - E3 Memories with Isla Hinck
2:01:38 - Closing

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