Order Up! ON CRACK - 2.0 (Just for fun!)

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Hai everyone! know if been gone for QUITE A WHILE- but hey! I hope you enjoy this crack video! (It was hella fun to make and I laughed so hard making this I-)
So, as you SHOULD already know, This is a crack video of a series made by called Order Up! Made by the GODLY @Jess Can Gacha! It is an AMAZING series with AMAZING characters voiced by SUCH AMAZING AND LOVELY VOICE ACTORS WHO DESERVE EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF LOVE!!! (They are the kindest people OMG)
This was a crack video of the most recent video of Order Up content, a Halloween special!


Anyways, imma head out now! Stay peachy my lovelies! And STAN ORDER UP OR ELSE I WILL FIND YOU AT YOU UNTIL YOU GET UNCOMFORTABLE OR WATCH ORDER UP! :DDDD????????????????????????????
#OrderUp! #crackvideo #memes
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