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Uncover the dark secrets of an overgrown maze with friends online as you try to escape the horrors within. Together, you will need to solve puzzles, find items and run from the bloodthirsty denizens of the maze as you try and get out

Labyrinthine is a cooperative horror game that may make you never step into a hedge maze

You and up to 3 friends can embark in an online cooperative experience as you try to unravel the mystery of the abandoned happisburg hedge maze. You won't be alone in
Labyrinthine aims to be a true horror experience complete with all of the horror staples you may be used to. While navigating the regions of the happisburg hedge maze, you will be solving puzzles, collecting items and escaping the horrific entities that lie within it. Cooperative has been the focus since the start of development, so heading in with friends is recommended!

Found items will also provide you with a brief respite from the horrors of the maze, whether it's a simple compass to help you keep track of your heading or a flaregun to allow your friends to find you. Notes are scattered around that will provide clues and give you insights into the history and lore of the maze.

When playing online, you team can be an essential asset if you work together and plan but staying together isn't always the safest

Surviving the maze will require navigation skills, puzzle solving and planning. Do not fall prey to that which awaits in the
Cooperative at Heart
While completely playable as a single player experience, Labyrinthine offers a fairly rare opportunity within the horror genre, cooperative play. A decision that was made way back at initial conception, Labyrinthine has been focused on delivering a fun, unique and exciting cooperative experience right from the start. The development team behind the game are all huge fans of the cooperative and horror genres, making a union between the two a perfect fit.

The Hedge Maze at ol Jonny Honk’s Fair has been there as long as anyone can remember, but it's never been open. The rumor is, a kid named Charles got lost in it, went in and never came out. When a cop went in after them they went missing as well. No one’s entirely sure, but the locals tend to keep away from it. The maze lives right on the edge of the Local Fairgrounds, and they are hoping to open it up as an attraction.
Built on the land of Ethel Fir. A twice widowed woman who died in 1935 leaving no will and no heir. It's said the maze was a crazed project she had worked away at for years before her death. She had fervently planted and shaped the trees muttering about looky loos, and nosey brats as it grew bigger each year, surrounding her house and grounds, and slowly growing taller and taller. After nearly 8 years without anyone seeing her, the local authorities assumed her dead, and entered the maze. They found her home in a state of disrepair, food clearly long rotten, and it appeared no one had lived in it for quite a long time. They searched the home, and what they could of the maze itself, but failed to find her body or any information regarding her death. Without a will in place, her property was left to the state, and turned into a local park, open to the fair when it visited town.

It's said that from time to time kids will wander in on a dare, or couples will enter trying to find old Ethel's home as a quiet place to be together. Often they come out safe and sound, if a little excitable, but the town has always had a higher than normal rate of missing persons. No one has ever been found in the maze. In the light of day it's simply an overgrown hedge, and

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