Shred Guitar Improvisation, 180 BPM

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I might delete and replace later, but thought I would provide an update on my guitar playing transformation and show you where I’m at in the process.

The video shows me improvising using a number of different shred patterns and other soloing ideas.

As you can see, I have fully made the transition to a ‘palm mute’ style picker like Paul Gilbert, as opposed to my former ‘ring finger anchored’ style, which was more consistent with Michael Angelo Batio. The picking speed is still not as fast as it was prior, but I should be able to play even faster than before eventually. The video shows me playing 16th note scalar runs at 180 BPM.

There is still some residual tension in my technique, but much of this is due to me being hunched over a computer with a chord attached to the headphones, as well as the fact I’m trying to cram too many notes into the phases. I expect these issues to be worked out here eventually, however.

Otherwise, I thought it was some pretty good footage, so I decided to post.


Thanks to matsomo for the backing track:

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