Still Super-Bullish Despite Stock Market Euphoria

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On an all new edition of What Are Your Thoughts, Michael Batnick and Josh Brown tackle all the biggest topics on Wall Street this week, including:

- Some notable IPOs are headed our way this December - Wish, Affirm, Roblox, DoorDash and, of course, Airbnb - which would you buy?
- Dow 30,000 - should round numbers be viewed as important for investors?
- It might be the biggest merger of the year and almost no one is even familiar with the target company!
- Tesla is being added to the S&P 500, officially, so why you mad?
- Most disastrous NFL season ever - will enough players be standing to even have the playoffs?
- How much investor euphoria is too much euphoria?
- Josh takes a question from young broker about his career.
- Michael helps a viewer with his problem of hesitancy to average up in winning trades.

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