The Hidden History Behind Star Trek Uniforms

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The Star Trek universe runs deep enough that you can dive into any aspect of it for weeks and always learn something new. Even just the standard Starfleet uniforms have decades of complex history. Here's what they mean.

In the original Star Trek, which ran from 1966 to 1969, you can’t miss the brightly hued uniforms worn by the crew of the starship Enterprise. Captain James T. Kirk and other members of the command staff sport golden yellow tops. Blue is reserved for the science department and medical staff. That’s why you’ll see Spock, the second-in-command, and the ship’s physician, Doctor Leonard McCoy, with the blue uniforms.

And how about crew members in red uniforms? Though these poor "redshirts" are often little more than cannon fodder, red is officially the designation for communications, admin, and security. If you watch an episode where a random, red-clad crewmember is asked to beam down to a planet with the main cast, don’t get too attached. They’re probably going to get zapped, eaten, or otherwise annihilated for the sake of furthering the episode’s plot.
As far as crewmembers in red uniforms though, there are some important exceptions. Characters like communications officer and translator Uhura, and Scotty, the Enterprise’s chief engineer, both survived the entire series while usually wearing red.

But don’t get too comfortable with these color designations, because they only apply to one series. In later Star Trek shows, red and gold switch places. Captains, like The Next Generation’s Jean-Luc Picard, wear dark red, while Jean-Luc’s security chief, Worf, is usually clad in gold.

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