The Writing Styles of BTS

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A look into the writing styles of the members of BTS. This is a discussion of lyrics through style, form, subtext, narrative modes, perspective, construction, powerless vs empowered speakers, tone, and overall artistic touch. Please keep the following in mind:

The write-up for this video was 68 pages long. This video includes translations from dozens of different sites, most of which agree on basic tones, subjects, and grammar structures, but a few differ. We’re looking at overall patterns, not 200% accuracy on every line. Most members of BTS rarely write solo, since BH is a writer-producer hub. I use stage names randomly, (except with Yoongi I guess). Please respect other people’s interpretations and connections to the music. Please respect the topics discussed in the video. Please do not approach the analyses presented in this video as be-all-end-alls, nor as attempts to misinterpret the members as people or artists. This is about rhetorical and sonic devices within lyrics. This is a literary and poetic analysis, not a textbook. Thank you, and please enjoy.

0:00 - INTRO

3:16 – RM
13:47 – SUGA
26:11 – J-HOPE

32:43 – JIN
38:21 – JIMIN
44:34 – V
49:07 – JUNGKOOK

58:59 – END

Credits by section:

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If I see a single one of you compliment Sperm Boi, it’s on sight.

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If for any reason these credits are transcribed inaccurately, please let me know!

If you’re checking out doolsetbangtan, who is the savior of my existence, here are the first links and the main link since I am at my character limit in this description:

If you’re checking out BTS-trans, whom I owe my firstborn, here is the main link since I am at my character limit in this description:

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