Tunge, mørke natteskyer - Organ Improvisation by Frederik Magle (Heavy, dark night clouds)

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Improvisation on Carl Nielsen's melody to the Danish hymn “Tunge, mørke natteskyer” (Heavy, dark night clouds) written by Jakob Knudsen. Recorded on the pipe organ in Saint Paul's church, Copenhagen, Denmark as the postlude for the Annunciation Sunday, March 21st, online-service 2021.

The full text of the hymn, translated to English (link to the original text in Danish below):

Heavy dark night clouds
wanders the sky,
Home to the forest from the field flee
the black crows.
Twilight is spreading out,
It’s dark at last.
Stay close, dear God,
While the night suffers.

Stay close, for without you
Loneliness me threatens,
Stay close, for without you
I will fear for the dark.
Hold me with your father’s hand,
so I can sense you
Free me of the bonds of darkness,
So my fear I forget.

Let me feel every time when
The world seems desolate,
That you, Father, stand with me,
And in such a meeting.
And when the night in my breast
The heart will rearrange,
Oh, take care of the comfort of my life,
Win me the victory of light.

4 (Shown at 3:12 in the video)
And when the night of death
Over me descends,
Let me hear the morning song,
Before i think:
Your birds’ morning song
In the high summer,
There where day is always long,
And the night never comes.

Heavy and dark the silent night
Over the earth arching
There behind a window matte
A nightlight is burning.
You who relieve sadness and distress,
All our sins leave,
Lights up the dark death,
thanks! You the father of light

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Original Danish text:

Frederik Magle, composer and organist:
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