War Thunder: American ground forces Rank I - Review and Analysis

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00:00 Intro
01:22 M2A4
07:49 M3
10:27 M3A1
14:33 M2
18:29 LVT(A)(1)
24:29 M22
28:54 M13
35:42 M2A2
42:03 M3 GMC
46:55 LVT(A)(4)
47:46 M8
48:36 M8A1
49:50 M2A4 (1st )
51:17 M3A1 (USMC)
52:20 CAS Aircraft
58:24 Outro

I have purchased a license to use the outro song 'Sweez' directly from the composer Stan Forebee, check him out, very nice guy and very talented-

Thanks to RenminbiYen, yum_yum_killer, TomCatInDrok, Chilliwiggles, warrma, Ryszard_I, bobpie1, Martannon, CorsairCrusader, Admiral_Wenli, Spaps and ItssLuBu for being extras xoxo
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